Book your Green Fee + Hotel



1. How can I book green fees + hotel?

All the necessary information you need to make a booking with Canarias Golf Tours you will easily find on our webpage. We have designed the page to be flexible, fast and user-friendly so that you can save time when making searches and/or bookings. The process of making a booking consists of the following steps:

•Step 0

Choose the dates you are interested in traveling.

•Step 1

Choose the golf course you would like to play first during your stay and the date you would like to play this course (by clicking the date). Also select the time and the number of golfers that will be playing. You can choose golf course either on the map or through the list of golf courses, where you will also find individual information about the golf courses. You can choose as many courses as you would like during your stay, and also how many days you would like to play and at what time.

•Step 2

Choose your hotel, either based on its location on the map or based on the individual information in the list of hotels. Different hotels are shown depending on how close they are to the golf course. If none of the hotels are to your liking we recommend you to use the general search that you find at the bottom of the page. Here you can search for hotels based on name or star-rating. Go through your results and click on the links shown under the hotel to read more information about the hotel. When you have chosen your hotel, please select number of rooms and the number of adults and children that are to occupy the room, and then click the button “Check availability and price”. If there is availability and you accept the price you can now click “Add hotel to my booking”. If you would like to look at more hotels you simply click the link “Return to list of Hotels”.

•Step 3

We show you a summary of the package you have chosen, including green fees and hotel. The information in this summary includes golf courses, hotel, total price, cancellation conditions and the last day of payment. In this step we also ask you to fill in your personal information so we can confirm your booking with the hotel and golf courses you have chosen. You will also need to accept the booking conditions. When you click on “”Finish booking” your booking will be confirmed.

•Step 4

Your booking has been confirmed and a summary of your booking (green fees + hotel) will be shown alongside your booking reference, cancellation conditions and payment options. You will also receive two emails, one containing the same summary as is shown on the webpage and one with your login to your booking. The login is your email and a generated password. With this you can login on our page, either through the link shown in the email or directly on our page if you click “my page” in the upper right hand corner.

2. Does Canarias Golf Tours charge a booking fee? Do you always show the final price?

The price of the hotels and the green fees will not change during the reservation process. Canarias Golf Tours are very transparent when it comes to our pricing policy; we always show very plainly what you are booking. And we never charge a fee for completing or helping you with your booking.

3. Are the prices shown on the website per person or per room and night? Are things like taxes and breakfast included in the price?

When you make your own golf package the prices that are shown are per room and night. No additional costs for taxes or extra charges. It always says very clearly if breakfast is included or not. We will always show you the final price to avoid unpleasant surprises. The final price of the hotel is always the price that is shown after you have clicked “Check price and availability”.

4. Can I book with Canarias Golf Tours without having to register?

Yes. With Canarias Golf Tours webpage you don’t need to register. The private “My Page”-page is necessary to administer your payment and booking. However, no need to register for this on beforehand. You will have access to your private page after your booking is completed.

5. Can I book flights with Canarias Golf Tours?

Directly with Canarias Golf Tours is not possible to book flights, but we have inlaid in our webpage a banner with momondo (flight's comparator), that will allow you to seek between the main flights companies.

6. How can I book hotel and green fee for someone else than me?

When you fill in the booking data, you write the name of the person who will stay in the hotel and play on the golf courses in the fields of the “Occupant” and where it says “Booking holder details”.

7. How do I find a specific hotel?

When you have started the booking process and you are to choose your hotel, the system will show you “recommended hotels” on the map that are the hotels closest to the golf course. The systems also show “other hotels”, which are other recommended hotels on the island, and then at the bottom of the page you can via the link access the “entire catalogue” of hotels that we offer. There you can do a search by name or by star-rating.

8. Why do I have to specify the age of the children in the booking?

The discount the hotels apply for children vary depending on the specific hotels policy. For this reason we ask about how many and how old the children are. The discount are applied directly on the final price.

9. How many rooms can I book at the most?

Our hotel search gives you the maximum possibility to book 5 rooms in one booking, for a maximum of 10 people. If you would like more rooms than this you can either make multiple bookings or contact our customer service.

10.What documents do I need to provide when arriving to the hotel and to the golf course?

When you have finalized your booking we will per email send you a booking confirmation with all details. When your booking has been fully paid through your private page (“My page”) on our webpage, you can save the voucher onto your computer. This voucher is what you need to show at the hotel and at the golf course, alongside with your passport. There is no need to show receipt. Voucher and ID is sufficient.

11. Will I get a separate voucher for the hotel and one for the golf course when making a booking with Canarias Golf Tours?

Yes, through your private page (“My page”). When the booking is paid for you have to print the voucher for the hotel and the voucher for the golf course. It does not need to be in colour, black and white is just fine.

12. How do I print the vouchers that show the products I have booked?

You print your vouchers through your private page (“My page”). When you have logged in to your private page and look at the information below “Bookings” you then click the “show” button and then you will see the summary of your booking. At the bottom of the page you will see a “print” button. You can print your booking confirmation as many times you like. Important: You will not be able to print your voucher until the booking has been fully paid.

13. What happens if I misplace my voucher and/or my booking reference?

Sign in on your private side through the “My page” function. There you will have all your details, such as booking reference and voucher.

14. How do I know if and when my booking is confirmed?

When you have finalized the booking process a reference number will be shown on the screen. We will also send you an email which contains a booking confirmation, which show all your details and your reference/booking number. Through “My page” you print the vouchers you will need to show at the hotel and the golf course.

15. If something goes wrong during the booking process, will the booking still be confirmed?

If you get an error message during the booking process you need to contact us either through the contact form on our webpage or by calling our customer service to find out the status of your booking. It may be that an error has occurred during the booking process and your booking either not been implemented or that it has not been registered.

16. Do I need to confirm my booking directly with the hotel and/or the golf course?

No. You showing them the voucher upon arrival is enough. The voucher you can print via “My page” on our webpage.

17. Can I book a rental car or a transfer with Canarias Golf Tours?

Rent a car

Yes, in our webpage you will find a rent a car online booking, through OK Rent a Car,SL


Yes, but you first need a booking confirmation of your hotel and green fee or only green fee. The possibility to book transfer is offered through your private page, that you access through “My page”. If you want to book a transfer you need to fill out the form which is located on your private page. Once you have completed this form we will send you an email with the price of the services If you accept the price we will then ask you for the information needed for us to make the reservation of the transfer. When that is confirmed we will send you all the documents you need in an email.

18. Can I book only green fees?

Yes, it is possible through our web page.Just choose the day and the golf course that you want to play. You can also add as many golf courses and days as you want.

19. Can I book only hotel?

No, it is not possible to book online just the hotel. The booking of the hotel needs to be done together with the reservation of at least, one green fee. Our webpage Canarias Golf Tours offers you the possibility to create your own flexible golf package (green fee + hotel), but it always need to be in this form of package.

If you want only a hotel please contact customer service

20. What is a golf package?

With golf package we mean offers that include at least one hotel and different green fees to be enjoyed during a certain period of time. Some of the packages include rental of golf clubs, rental car and other activites. The golf packages do not allow for changes when it comes to the products/activities that are included.

21. How do I book a golf package?

If you click the button “packages” you will be shown different golf packages we have to offer. Here you can also browse for different types of packages by clicking the different categories. If you click on the name of a package or the package price you will see exactly what is included in the package. If you proceed to clicking “Book now!” the booking process will begin. If you proceed to fill in your information, arrival date and number of travellers you can have your booking confirmed without having to pay immediately. You can pay up to 10 days before your arrival. If you make your booking 10 day or less before arrival date you are required to pay the amount with your credit card at the end of the booking. The payment will then be required of you during the booking process.

22. What does the ratings mean that are shown on the page with information about a specific golf course?

This a personal rating on a scale 1-10 that Canarias Golf Tours give a golf course based on how we, as golfers, have experienced it. By rate and review a golf course we aim to give an idea of how it is to play a specific course, so that you can choose a course that fits your wants and needs as a golfer.

23. What are “other activities”?

With other activities we refer to all kinds of activities that you, as a golfer, can enjoy here in Canary Islands when not on the golf course, i.e. cultural tours, shopping etc.

24. How can I book an additional service?

As in all cases when wanting to add extra services to your booking, it always needs to be added onto an existing booking with green fee + hotel. Once you have your booking confirmation you can contact us either through the contact options you see on your personal page, or by calling our customer service, and we will inform you of which kind of activities we offer, depending on time of year, your need as our customer and number of holidaymakers. All these services/activities can be booked separately by sending us an email of calling us. Once we have your request we will ask you for information to be able to give you a suggestion that best suits what you are looking for.

25. What is meant by “My page”? How do I find it?

The section called “My page” on our web page is a private area for our customers. You can only access this page after you have completed your booking. By filling in the email you used when making the booking and the password we sent to you when you completed your booking, you can log in to this page.

26. What is the function of “My Page” and what can I do on this page?

Through your private page you can administer and look at your booking. You reach this page by logging in through “My Page”. You will then be able to:
•See all of your booking details
•Cancel a booking
•Get access to your voucher
Here you can also ask for quotes if you want to add transfers and other activities and products.

27. How do I change my password for my private page?

To change that password you first have to log into your page and then navigate to “Personal Information”.

28. What do I do if I forget what email I used as login?

Contact us either through the CONTACT form on our webpage, or call our customer service and ask us for the email that you used.

29. If I need help, whom should I contact?

You can contact us either through our customer service number, which you find by putting the curser on the phone icon on the top right corner of the page. If you are in Canary Islands and you have an emergency you can call the number printed on the voucher. We at Canarias Golf Tours are available 24 hours a day every day of the week if an emergency should occur. If you have any thoughts or concerns, you can call our customer service. You can also use the contact form you find on our webpage. Calls made outside of Spain to our spanish number is charged by the operator's official international tariff.


1. When is my payment due?

Canarias Golf Tours offers you to possibility to pay the booking from the moment you get the booking confirmation up until 10 days before travelling. The payments due-date is shown in the summary of you booking that we send to your email. You will also find this information on your personal page, “My page”. If you were to make a booking with less than 10 days left before travelling the total amount needs to be paid when the booking is confirmed. Important information: if the payments due-date has been reached and we have not received payment, the existing booking will be cancelled automatically. After this it will not be possible to reclaim the services/products that you had booked in the cancelled booking.

2. To whom do I pay my booking?

All services/products that Canarias Golf Tours offer must be paid directly to Canarias Golf Tours. If due to agreements with supplier payment needs to be made directly to the supplier, we will inform you through email or phone, when the booking has been made.

3. How can I pay my booking?

When you have received you booking confirmation and your password to access your private page, you can then log into your page through our web page or click the link “Method of Payment” that you find in the email we sent you with you booking confirmation. When on your private page you can click “show” and then go to the section “method of payment”. In this section we give you three options:
•“Split payment”: this alternative makes it possible for each traveller to pay their own part of the package with their own credit card.
•“Pay full amount with credit card”: this alternative enables you to pay the full amount from one card in one payment.
•“Pay full amount with Pay Pal”: this alternative enables you to pay the full amount from pay pal method in one payment.
•“Bank transfer”: this makes it possible for you to pay the whole, or parts of the amount by bank transfer.

4. What is “split payment” and how does it work?

“Split payment” is an alternative that enables each individual included in a booking to pay their proportional part of the total booking cost with their own credit card. By choosing this alternative the person who made the booking does not need to pay the whole cost with their own credit card, and then ask the other travellers for the money the owe for their part of the booking. How does this system work exactly? The process of making the booking is identical to the standard process; the only difference is the choice of payment. When choosing the alternative “split payment” the system will ask you for the names and the emails of every person included in the booking, and then they will pay their part of the cost.
When you have given the name and the email of everyone included in the booking everyone in the booking will receive a summary of the booking.
In this summary there will be a section called “methods of payment”. In this section there is a link that the traveller must click on to make the payment. They will be redirected to a secure payment platform for credit cards.
The sum shown in the summary is the total cost of the booking, and the sum that is shown after clicking the payment link is the individual cost for each person to pay. Method of payment will be by credit card.
If for some reason, one individual is not receiving their email with the booking summary, the lead guest (that made the booking) can enter their “my page” and from there re-send the email as many times as he/she likes.
No booking will be 100% confirmed until it’s paid by each traveller included in it.
When each individual included in the booking has paid their individual part, they will receive an email with a confirmation of payment.

5. What credit cards are accepted?

Canarias Golf Tours accept payment with the following cards:
•Visa kredit/debit
•Master Card kredit/debit
•Tarjetero EURO 6000

6. Are my card details safe?

In Canarias Golf Tours we always seek to protect our clients’ privacy. When payment is made your payment data is sent encrypted via the internet. We do not save your card details on our servers. For more information, please see our page “Privacy Policy”.

7. When exactly will my account be charged?

When the booking have been processed and confirmed the money will automatically be charged from the account connected to the card details you have provided us with.

8. Why must I pay you in advance?

Due to contract and booking terms with hotels, golf courses and other providers we need to receive the money before arrival at the hotel, to ensure and secure your booking.

9. What do you do with my private information?

We treat our customers’ integrity and privacy very seriously. Canarias Golf Tours only ask for the necessary information to be able to transact your booking. We also protect the personal information we receive in a very secure manner. For your peace of mind, please visit our section “Integrity Policy” on our webpage.

10. Is Canarias Golf Tours registered for tax purposes as a business?

Yes, Canarias Golf Tours is a business that is registered for tax purposes. If you would like a specified invoice please visit our “contact” section on our webpage.

11. Which are the general booking conditions?

The general booking conditions are written on our webpage in the same moment as you make your booking. You have to read and accept these to be able to confirm that you want to make the booking. If you have any questions and doubts we ask you to contact us before you confirm your booking.


1. How can I make changes to my booking?

This you can do by contacting our customer service and give us your booking number or your complete name and arrival date so we can help you make the changes you want.

2. How can I cancel my booking?

Cancellations can be made through your private page (that you reach by logging in to “My page”) under the tag bookings, and then by clicking the button “Cancel”. A cancellation must be done through our website, and not directly by the supplier (hotel, golf course, rental car etc.). When a booking is made the client is advised about the cancellation conditions. Information about these is also shown in the General Conditions. The lead guest will receive an email with a confirmation of cancellation when the booking has been cancelled.

3. What does it cost to cancel a booking?

Before you confirm your booking you will be informed about the cancellation fee. The cost depends on the services you have chosen to book. If you choose to only cancel a part/service of your whole booking, a cancellation fee might also be applicable depending on when the part/service is being cancelled.

4. What happens if I would need a refund?

Canarias Golf Tours will send the refund directly to the credit card, pay pal or the bank account used during the payment. Even if we ourselves do not save your credit card information the bank will be able to identify your account thanks to the booking reference. To make a refund you first must give us a bank account number that you are the holder of.


1. What are the times for check-in and check-out at the hotel?

Normally you have access to your room from 14:00 the day you check-in, and you should leave your room before 12:00 the day of check-out. Some hotels might allow you to check-in early and check-out later, but this completely depends on the hotels policy regarding early check-in and late check-out.

2. Which is the difference between double room and twin room?

A double room refers to one room with a double bed, and a twin room refers to one room with two single beds. When it comes to “Double room, 1 or 2 beds” this refers to the two alternatives above.

3. What happens with my hotel booking if my flight is late?

All hotel rooms are guaranteed up until 22:00 on the arrival evening. If you think that your flight will be delayed we ask you to contact us through the contact form on our webpage so the hotel will be informed of your late arrival. If you prefer, you can also call to our customer service. Transfers are not included in the packages. It is the responsible of the client to arrange transport to and from the hotel. We offer the alternative to book transport (transfer or rental car) on your private page. You find this by logging in to your “My page”. The conditions will specify when the service has been confirmed.

4. Are transfers included in the booking of the hotel?

Transfers are not included. It is your own responsibility to arrange transport to and from the hotel. Canarias Golf Tours can help you arrange for transfers as an additional service.

5. How can I learn what facilities the hotel offers?

During the search and booking process you have the possibility to view information and a description of the hotel and its’ facilities, location, rooms etc. To view this information you must click on the link “View information” under the hotels name.

6. How can you maintain such low prices?

Canarias Golf Tours work directly with local suppliers, and with the top companies in the tourist industry. Thanks to this we can provide very competitive prices. We are also a 100% internet-based company, without a street office. Thanks to this we have a maximum control of our costs, and the savings we make we can offer you, our clients.

7. Why have the prices changed since the last time I was on your website to look?

Change in prices depends on different variable when it comes to the conditions of the market. We are also in constant negotiations with our suppliers to be able to offer our clients the best prices available. When a booking has been confirmed the price will not change.

8. I have just called my hotel, and they state that they do not know of my booking. How is this possible?

We sell hotels that our suppliers have contracts with. Our suppliers have a certain amount of rooms guaranteed during the year. But if you, as a private person, contact the hotel in advance it is possible that your information have not reached the hotel yet (although the reservation for the room has), and that is why they don’t have information about your booking. But you don’t need to worry; when we have sent you your booking confirmation the booking is confirmed. We inform our supplier sufficiently in advance.

9. What happens if I arrive to my hotel, and they tell me they have an overbooking?

In case of overbooking the hotel itself need to offer you an alternative of a different hotel in the same category or higher, with the same board choice as you originally booked (i.e. breakfast, half-board, full-board). This is something that rarely happens, but it has occurred. If any problems should arise while you are in resort, we ask you to call us on our emergency number, so we can resolve the issue as fast as possible.

10. Regarding the hotel room, will it look exactly like in the photos that are shown in the hotel description on your web page?

The pictures shown on the web page are there to give you a general idea of the room. Keep in mind that the size, style, furniture and facilities may vary.

11. What do I need to do if I want to order parking from the hotel?

When you have realized your booking you have to contact directly with the hotel (the contact information to the hotel you will find on your voucher), and pay the fee for this directly to the hotel.

12. What are the general conditions?

Please read the section Terms and Conditions on the web page of Canarias Golf Tours.